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Put This On Season 2, Episode 1: The Melting Pot

Q & Answer: How to Fold and Pack a Suit

In our Q & Answer segment, find out how to pack your suit for travel. We’ll show you a fold to keep it neat inside a rolling carry-on or suitcase, and we’ll show you how to keep your trousers on the hanger inside a garment bag.

I never knew how to fold my blazers for travel, and now I do! Also, you should watch this. 

This is important. A key component in keeping classy is being organized.

:o: IC


A follow-up on the prior reblog** about this.

You’ve probably seen the video all over the place by now. It addressed some important topics, so I helped nudge it along the viral pipeline. My follow-up advice on this is very simple: educate yourself.

Invisible Children has done a good job in…


Since the Toddlers & Tiaras Copyright Police had it removed from YouTube, I’m posting (an extended new version of) my Alana video here, honey boo-boo child.


how to remain a virgin until you die of a heart attack in A minor

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This is a video made by colleen.A friends version of the avengers trailer.Hope everybody enjoy this video.

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